Program 2024

Complete Program (German)

General Information

The camp is located next to the Glyptothek at Königsplatz (U2 metro station of the same name). You do not have to register or stay overnight at the camp to take part in the events. Participation is free of charge, but a donation on site or online at would help us a lot.

The climate crisis does not affect everyone equally, quite the opposite – it reinforces existing inequalities. Be it in terms of gender, race, geographical location, socio-economic background, physical limitations and much more. In the program, we have tried to address this intersectionality and interwoven struggles and in particular to give people from marginalized groups the opportunity to design program items. We were only partially successful in doing so and we would like to use this opportunity to invite members of these groups to contact the info tent for offering spontaneous program items at the camp.

Almost all workshops are in German. Events that do not require German language skills (marked with an 🌍) are listed at the bottom. All other program items are linked to their German descriptions.

Program Schedule (German)

Thursday, May 30 – Tent Overview

 Munich (München)  Do It Yourself  Political Participation (Politische Partizipation) 
10:00–13:00 🌍
Bicycle Repair ReparadTUM

Munich – The Dirtiest Air in Germany
Climate Monitoring for Munich
Visible Mending
#ReclaimTikTok – Video and Reel Workshop
Painting Demo Posters Together
Awareness – an Introduction
Action Training
What to Do in Case of Fire? – Lecture against Repression
 Climate Emotions (Klimaemotionen)  Solidary Life (Solidarisches Leben)  Questioning the System (Systemfrage) 
Non-violent Communication as a Tool
The Climate Crisis, or the Elephant in the Room
Conducting Climate Dialogues
Gender, City and Mobility
Q&A Refuge & Asylum
16:00–17:30 🌍
Abolish Climate Colonialism?
Decolonize Is Strength
Sustainability under Capitalism
Plenum etc.Children’s Program / Rest Tent (Ruhezelt)Awareness Tent / Evening Program
Welcoming Plenum
Camp Tour
Evening Plenum
Psychological Counseling
Painting Banners
16:00–17:30 🌍
The Ability to Sustain the Meditation
Workshop Queer Feminist Awareness
20:00–22:00 🌍
Kokonelle and Dilruba Live Concert

Friday, May 31 – Tent Overview

 Munich (München)  Do It Yourself  Political Participation (Politische Partizipation) 
Public Transport in Munich – Next Stop “Sustainable Mobility”?
Painting Demo Posters & Decorating the Camp
Talking about Climate – Dealing with Populist Slogans, Excuses and Resignation
 Climate Emotions (Klimaemotionen)  Solidary Life (Solidarisches Leben)  Questioning the System (Systemfrage) 
Yoga Flow For All
Emerging from Grief into Strength
The Sieben Linden Ecovillage. The Attempt to Live in Solidarity.
Synergies of Community, Relatedness and Political (Climate-) Activism
Repotting Capitalism – Successes, Experiences and Strategies for Restructuring the Economy
Expansion of Gas Infrastructure and No End in Sight?
Plenum etc.Children’s Program / Rest Tent (Ruhezelt)Evening Program
The Controversial Energy Turnaround of Stadtwerke München in Sapmi
Camp Tour
Support Shifts
To the Fridays for Future Climate Strike Together
Friday Plenum
Dreaming Utopias Together
Painting Utopia
17:3019:30 🌍
DJ Funky Francis
Bicycle Cinema

Saturday, June 1 – Tent Overview

 Munich (München)  Do It Yourself  Political Participation (Politische Partizipation) 
An Utopia for Munich
Climate-Friendly Nutrition – How Does It Work?
Urban Herb Walk
Escape Game Climate
 Climate Emotions (Klimaemotionen)  Solidary Life (Solidarisches Leben)  Questioning the System (Systemfrage) 
Climate Games – Dealing with the Climate Crisis and Empowering Yourself
Open Talk
Psychological Counseling
Globalization, Geopolitical Upheavals and Climate Justice
Capitalism and Nature. What Does Our Economic System Have to Do with Environmental Destruction?
Plenum / NetworkingRest Tent (Ruhezelt) / Children’s ProgramAwareness Tent / Evening Program
Daily Plenum
Networking Meeting
Evening Plenum
Critical Masculinity
Painting Utopia
Making a Dreamcatcher
FLINTA* Discussion
17:0017:30 🌍
20:0022:00 🌍
Trust the Process

Sunday, June 2 – Tent Overview

 Munich (München)  Do It Yourself  Political Participation (Politische Partizipation) 
The Cogeneration Power Plant North – Munich’s Biggest CO2 Emitter
Preparation of the Closing Plenum
How the Transport Turnaound Can Regain Momentum
Systemic Consensing
Energy Turnaround on Your Own Balcony and in the Neighborhood
Citizens’ Council Workshop
13:3015:00 🌍
Climate Crisis, Land Theft, Resistance
 Climate Emotions (Klimaemotionen)  Solidary Life (Solidarisches Leben)  Questioning the System (Systemfrage) 
Climate Emotions & Action: What’s Driving Us?
13:30–15:00 🌍
BIPoC Only – Empowerment + Community Workshop
Solidary and Sustainable Living in Community
Documentary Route 4 and Q&A about Migration and Sea Rescue
Climate, Migration and the EU
What Do Vegetables Have to Do with the 1.5 Degree Goal?
Animal Industry
PlenumChildren’s ProgramEvening Program
Closing Plenum
Picture Book Cinema of Color
Face Painting for Kids 🌍
Rave for a Change 🌍

Permanent Events – Tent Overview

Children’s ProgramBook Tent (Bücherzelt)Creative Tent (Kreativzelt) /Welcoming Tent (Begrüßungszelt)
Play Corner and Play Mobile 🌍

Climate Library

Clothes and Plants Swap 🌍

Meals: 8:30–10:00 a.m. breakfast, 1:00–2:30 p.m. lunch, 7:00–8:00 p.m. dinner

Events Suitable for Non-German Speakers

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Bicycle Repair ReparadTUM
Thu 10:00–13:00 Uhr, Tent  Munich (München) 
Repair WorkshopReparadTUM

ReparadTUM aims at making all TUM campuses bike friendlier. They organize bike self-repair events where their volunteers help repair bikes with complete set of tools and common replacement parts. Started in May 2022, they are a part of the Department of Environment of the AstA.

This time they are at the Klimacamp München and help with their skills to get your bike ready for the bike season.

Abolish Climate Colonialism? Only by Rethinking: Resistance Strategies from the Global South
Thu 16:00–17:30 Uhr, Tent Solidary Life (Solidarisches Leben)
Workshop 🌍 (German/English) – Biancka Arruda Miranda, political scientist (M.A.), environmental and human rights activist

The aim is to reflect on our (climate-)activism and analyze some examples from the Global South. We will also look at key concepts such as nature, sustainability, colonialism and resistance.

The Ability to Sustain the Meditation
Thu 16:30–17:30 Uhr, Rest Tent (Ruhezelt)
Workshop/Meditation 🌍 (English) – Jime Lopez

How to build a sustainable meditation practice!

Ever felt like despite trying different meditation methods or practicing for years, it’s still tough to maintain a regular routine? Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, we will delve together into what meditation is and cover the essentials of how to create and maintain a practice that feels effortless and rewarding.

Understanding meditation will bring consistency to your practice and benefits into your daily life. No prior experience? No problem! All you need is curiosity and the desire to try something new.

Kokonelle and Dilruba Live Concert
Thu 20:00–22:00, Evening Program
Concert 🌍 – Kokonelle and Dilruba

Kokonelle is a singer, rapper and songwriter with Congolese roots (Kinshasa). She has been singing all her life and has been on stage since her youth. Her style is complex, just like her lyrics: Hip-Hop, RnB, Afro and Soul mixed with English, Lingala, French and German.

Neo soul and RnB in German. That is Dilruba. Inspired by greats such as Jorja Smith, Summer Walker, Brent Faiyaz and Adele, Dilruba stands out in the German music scene with her unique sound and her soulful and powerful voice.

DJ Funky Francis
Fri 17:30–19:30, Evening Program
Disco 🌍 – Francis

Francis has been DJing in many of the most prestigious clubs across Europe since 1995 and has been a resident and support DJ for some of the most successful international DJs. With excellent crowd reading skills, mixing skills and her animation feats, she always knows how to spontaneously take the audience by the hand, inspire them and lead every event to its climax with authentic joy of life, energy and professional craftswomanship.

Musical styles: Funky, Groovy, Afro-Beats, Amapiano, Deep Ethno House, Tech-House, Electro, Funk, Soul, Disco, Pop-Hits.

Sat 17:00–17:30, Evening Programm
Concert 🌍 – LucE

Songwriter LucE kicks off the evening with her jazzy solo piano sounds.

Trust the Process
Sat 20:00–22:00 Uhr, Evening Program
Concert 🌍 – Trust the Process

TRUST THE PROCESS – the name says it all. A live band provides the beats for the rap and vocals. Partly rehearsed in advance or simply pure freestyle – anything goes. We trust the process!

At the climate camp we will be supported by artists such as ZiK, Momo Novus, Stanzi Joy, MC Hasan, aka busy J, Magia, Dichter and Martin Lando. You are also cordially invited to show yourself on the mic and try out your skills with the band behind you.

It’s all about community, peace, love and unity!

Climate Crisis, Land Theft, Resistance
Sun 13:30–15:00 Uhr, Tent  Political Participation (Politische Partizipation) 
Workshop 🌍 (German, English&Spanish whispered translation if necessary) – Andrea Lammers (Ökobüro, Munich)

Honduras is one of the countries most affected by drought and flood disasters in the world. On the Caribbean coast, the Afro-indigenous Garífuna are resisting racism, neo-colonial CO2 certification, land theft, tourism complexes, agro-industry and drug mafias. And they are building an autonomous project protected from flooding: Vallecito, their future place of refuge with traditional self-sufficiency and their own Garífuna university. Report of a solidarity trip with pictures, podcast snippets, reflection and discussion.

BIPoC only – Empowerment + Community Workshop
Sun 13:30–15:00, tent Climate Emotions (Klimaemotionen)
Workshop 🌍 (German, alternatively English) – Essenam Enaku

In our collective empowerment and community workshop, we create a safe space for us BIPoCs to share openly and deeply. Here we have the opportunity to share our needs, challenges, concerns or anything else with the community. The central question is how we as a BIPoC community can and want to actively and consciously contribute to the issues of climate change.

Face Painting for Kids
Sun 14:00-16:30, Children’s Program
Children’s Program 🌍 – Sarah

Munich is colorful and even more colorful in our utopia! Let’s be honest – in order to live utopias, we often simply lack the necessary amount of imagination. Great that we have Sarah at the camp, who conjures up colorful patterns on our faces (for big and small alike) or makes us look a little more like our favorite animal – whether zebra, tiger or ladybug.

Rave for a Change
Sun 16:30–20:00 Uhr, Evening Program
Regeneration 🌍 – Iceberg and Nøt

All that the DJs Iceberg and Nøt want: to get you dancing! After a climate camp full of impressions and emotions, the two will ensure a successful end to the camp by dancing the night away with your loved ones.

You can expect a B2B set with hypnotic, groovy techno, hard groove and trance.

Play Corner and Play Mobile
Daytime, Children’s Program 🌍

The play corner is an area covered by an awning. Children can make themselves comfortable here for fun and games and to decorate the surrounding fences with their handcrafted works of art. Fun and sports equipment is available in the play mobile for young (and old) camp visitors. From bouncy balls to trampolines and crafting materials, there is something for everyone to have a great time.

Clothes and Plants Swap
Daytime, Creative Tent / Welcoming Tent 🌍

Have you always wanted to clear out your closet or add a bit of variety to your houseplants? At the clothes swap in the creative tent and plant swap in the welcoming tent, you have the opportunity to bring along items of clothing and offshoots that you would like to part with but are still in good condition. Conversely, others may have something nice for you 🙂