Awareness Concept

This text is under continuous development.

Awareness Team

  • if you do not feel comfortable in a situation
  • if your “no” is ignored
  • if you have experienced violence
  • then talk to us!

We are open for conversations and questions and support you without you having to justify, explain or prove anything.

Visibility and accessibility

You can recognize us by our purple vests.

We are available here:

We are here for you if we can support you in dealing with barriers, e.g.

  • finding your way
  • with riding a wheelchair
  • with speech amplification at workshops
  • with organizing sign language interpretation

We support you when you are not feeling well,

  • because another person has stepped over your boundaries
  • because the hustle and bustle is too much
  • because you are cold
  • you observe or are affected by discriminatory behavior
  • you need a place to talk
  • you need emotional support

Feel free to come to us if you would like to learn more about:

  • consensus
  • discrimination (e.g. racism, sexism, …)
  • support for affected people
  • sustainable activism
  • empowerment
  • awareness work
  • inclusion

Consensus: Only Yes Means Yes

No always means no!

  • You’re allowed to say no at any time. That’s okay. Personal boundaries are different.
  • Your yes to something can be changed at any time. If you don’t want anything anymore, you can say no at any time.
  • No one is allowed to persuade you to do something you don’t want to do.
  • No unasked conversations or touching. Whether it’s a hug, a kiss on the cheek, or a shoulder massage: Only with consent.
  • As a general rule, only yes means yes!

Awareness Tent

  • The Awareness Tent is a retreat for anyone who is not feeling well or has had a bad experience at the camp.
  • There are also brochures available that provide information on topics such as consensus and how to deal with racism and sexism.
  • The Awareness Tent is located between the big circus tent and the private tents.
  • We will listen to you and support you there.
  • We have a bed and comfortable seats.
  • We also arrange other places of retreat.
  • The conditions of the Department of Public Order prevent us from providing Safer Spaces for FLINTA* and BIPoC that truly meet this requirement.

Voluntary Tent Areas for FLINTA* and BIPoC

FLINTA* = Women, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-Binary, Trans and Agender persons
BIPoC = Black, Indigenous, People of Color

  • We have established voluntary tent areas for FLINTA* and BIPoC.
  • They overlap for people who belong to both groups


  • We want to facilitate safer spaces.
  • We want these spaces to be less discriminatory.
  • People can support each other here.

Networking meeting for FLINTA* and BIPoC

  • The Climate Camp should become a space of empowerment. Therefore we organize networking meetings for FLINTA* and BIPoC respectively. More information is available at the awareness tent.

Offerings for Children

  • The program includes events for children every day.
  • There is a play tent for children equipped with handicraft materials and games.

Gender-neutral Toilets

  • All people are allowed to use all restrooms – regardless of gender.
  • There are also wheelchair accessible restrooms. They are located by the large circus tent.
  • There are menstrual products and water to flush out menstrual cups in each restroom.

Washing Stands

  • There are washing stands with soap on the camp. These are open to all.
  • There are additional voluntary FLINTA*-only washing stands.


  • At the climate camp the KüfA (Kitchen for All) will prepare vegan food. This is our way of positioning ourselves against the exploitation of non-human animals.
  • There will also be rescued food. Not all of them are vegan.
  • The main allergens will be announced at the KüfA.
  • Intolerances can also be announced at the info tent for consideration.

There are two special food areas:

  • Silent eating area: here people can eat without talking. So in silence.
  • Get-to-know area: Here people can network and talk to new people.


  • You can translate into another language? Feel free to grab a corresponding clothespin in the info tent and attach it visibly to your body. This way others can find you when they are in need of translation.
  • Do you need translation into another language? Look out for people wearing cloethespins with your language and approach them for translation.

Dealing with barriers

  • The stage is accessible by wheelchair via a ramp.
  • The workshop program will be held in German spoken language.
  • The films will be shown with subtitles.
  • A mobile FM system is available for people with hearing aids or cochlear implants. This can be employed spontaneously during workshops. Please let the awareness team know.
  • Sign language interpretation for hearing impaired persons is possible. Please send an email listing the desired workshops to .
  • Those who would like assistance finding a way or using a wheelchair can call the awareness number. We will come by and pick you up.
  • At night, many areas are lit so that people can converse using signs.
  • Fidget toys are available to borrow in all workshop tents and in the awareness tent. These are toys to help you if you are nervous. You’re also welcome to bring your own.


  • Before you photograph or film people, please ask their permission.

Responsible Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs

  • Be mindful and responsible when using alcohol and drugs, they change your behavior and perception. It is important to be aware of your limits and those of others.
  • Please smoke outside of the dining areas and somewhat remote from the tents. If this isn’t possible, you’re welcome to ask the people around you if it’s ok for them.

Other Offerings at the Camp

  • Psychologists for Future offer one-on-one counseling sessions. Feeling psychologically burdened by the climate crisis or having other issues? Feel free to sign up for individual sessions at the info tent.
  • If you are injured, come to the medical tent.