Help Us Set Up and Dismantle the Camp!

We are a self-organized camp and have to manage its setup and dismantling together. Please help out and fill out our form for volunteers – you will meet nice people and of course there will be free food and drinks!

Join the Preparatory Team!

In accordance with our self-image, we orient ourselves to the flattest possible hierarchies and grassroots democratic principles in the planning of the camp.

In order to realize these principles, we have divided the various tasks that arise during the planning process into working groups, which work in a self-organized manner.

There are to-dos in various areas in the course of the planning process, such as program design, public relations, mobilization, logistics/infrastructure, finances or camp life.

It is up to everyone to choose by themselves in which areas and to what extent they want to get involved. Basically, of course, all of this is voluntary work within the scope of one’s personal possibilities, which should not only contribute to climate justice, but also be fun and enjoyable. Even if you don’t have much time to spare, a one-time contribution will also help make the camp a reality.

You’re interested in joining us? We meet for weekly plenums every Wednesday at 7.45pm at Friedrichstraße 25 (entrance in the backyard). The first 15 minutes are dedicated to onboarding “newbies”.

We share the dates for meetings and other events in our Telegram group. You can also receive information by writing to our email address or our Instagram account @klimacamp_muenchen.

Help us by Donating!

Financial support is important as well so that we can cover the expenses for the camp. We are happy about every online donation on!