Our Self-Image

The Munich Climate Camp serves as a place for networking and mobilization of the climate justice movement in our region, a place where ecological and social movements for global justice unite. Within the framework of the climate camp, we want to come together with all committed and interested people in order to realise alternative ways of living together in solidarity and in self-organization which is critical of power structures. Thus we educate ourselves, exchange ideas and enable direct actions and protests.

In our open group we work together in a grassroots democratic and self-organized way. We see ourselves as anti-fascist, anti-racist and queer-feminist.

We believe that no global justice is possible in social structures based on competition, exploitation and oppression of humans, animals and nature. Consequently, there can be no solution to ecological and social problems without advancing the abolition of capitalist, colonialist and patriarchal structures, while building vibrant solidarity-based and democratic alternatives.

At the climate camp we develop solutions and utopias, mobilize new target groups, network with other people and movements, take action and show solidarity with global struggles against environmental destruction and for social justice. Camp life serves as a field of learning and experimentation where we share our interests and get to know each other intensely while setting up and dismantling, cooking or cleaning up together. At the camp, we want to live the change we desire together and practice the solidary and appreciative interaction we want to have with each other.

On the climate camp we want to create the space to develop new strategies and find answers to the following questions:

  • How can we draw attention to destructive developments?
  • How can we effectively oppose them?
  • How can we change systems?
  • How can we build democratic, just, solidary and sustainable structures?
  • How can we recognize and break down barriers to participation?

In addition to a diverse educational program there is room to create your own workshop, educational, musical or cultural offerings. We invite everyone to participate and attend the climate camp, to inspire and encourage each other.

The goal of the Climate Camp is to make the urgency for climate justice more visible. We want to show the global ecological and social consequences of our production and consumption structures. It is important to discuss how a transformation towards an economic system that is not based on the pursuit of profit and unlimited growth can be designed. United, we want to advance the socio-ecological transformation that makes a good life within ecological limits possible for everyone, everywhere, including future generations.