Assembly Concept

The climate camp is held as a political assembly. The focus is on transfer of knowledge and exchange of opinions. Plenary sessions, workshops and other discussion formats are an essential part of this concept. This means the orderly exchange of information, facts, interpretations and (legally permissible) opinions. Participants must always be engaged in such a way that the purpose of the assembly is not jeopardized. According to assembly law, the assembly leader and the stewards appointed by them must ensure that the assembly is conducted in an orderly manner. This includes the following aspects:

Participants do not have to share the opinions of the speakers. However, certain rules of conduct must be observed in order to ensure the purpose of the assembly. The form and procedure of a workshop or similar is decided exclusively by its leaders. The Munich Climate Camp ensures that the expression of criticism or opposing positions is always possible to an appropriate extent. Conversely, all participants are obliged not to endanger the course and the purpose of the assembly through disruptive behavior, e.g. by chanting or shouting down other contributions.

The overarching topic of the assembly is climate justice, sustainability and networking of local climate groups. The aspects addressed are complex, but there is only a limited amount of time available for each individual topic. Therefore, public contributions must always be sufficiently related to the topic of the meeting or workshop. In particular, it is contrary to the purpose of the assembly if an event or part of the camp is repeatedly appropriated by off-topic contributions.

In the event of persistent disruption of the assembly or part of it, the assembly leader is legally obliged to ensure the exclusion of the disruptive persons in order to enable the remaining attendees to participate properly in accordance with the topic and purpose of the assembly.

In order to create a space that is as free as possible from prejudice and misunderstanding, national and territorial flags (including flags that symbolize such) are untwanted at this assembly.

The Munich Climate Camp stands for diversity, mutual respect and an inclusive atmosphere. Any form of racism, sexism and other discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated at the assembly.

Here ist the self-image of the Munich Climate Camp.