We not only want to educate ourselves and connect with each other, but also live together for four days. Camping is an important part of the climate camp, you don’t have to stay overnight at the camp however to attend our events and take part in the other collective activities. Here are informations on all aspects of camp life.


There is only room for about 40 small sleeping tents at the camp, so we recommend making a reservation if you want to camp. You can also camp without a reservation of course, but in that case we cannot guarantee you a place. We will clearly indicate on this website though if we’re running out of space. Please note that sleeping tents may have a maximum floor area of 10 m² (including ropes, the smaller the better). If you don’t want to bring your own tent, you can roll out your sleeping mat in one of the workshop tents as long as there is space. You can register anonymously here if you would like to stay overnight at the camp.

Private Accomodation

We are planning to organize a “bed exchange” for private accommodation. You will find more information here soon.


Of course other websites exist where you can look for places to sleep in Munich. Largely non-commercial platforms are BeWelcome and Couchsurfing.