What is a Climate Camp?

This is a self-organized camp where people meet, educate themselves, network and organize. A place for people who want to become active against climate change and for a good life for all!

Living together

We want to live together in alternative and solidary self-organization. Thus we design our camp energy self-sufficient and as sustainable as possible with solar panels, compost toilets etc. We will camp together and cook our vegan food. We want everyone to look out for each other. Not to look away, but to look and offer support when violations of boundaries happen. An awareness team is available at all times to make sure that everyone feels comfortable at our camp.


We will educate ourselves and get to know new perspectives through open discussions, diverse workshops, various lectures and open spaces. In our collective camp life we want to network, orientate and organize ourselves through open exchange and skill sharing with other climate fighters. Living alternatives in practice is our goal; including a program for children as well as an evening program with music and campfire. Everyone is welcome to bring their own instruments.


Let’s not just talk but also act! We see the camp as a place for various actions as well.

Open for all

To ensure that no one is excluded from participation, we do not charge a mandatory entrance fee but organize ourselves on a donation basis. Of course our camp is open to every one interested and motivated as well as to those who just want to drop by. No registration is necessary, you are always welcome.